Cotton Candy Machine
$60.00 Setup area: 3x3

Cotton Candy Machine comes with supplies for 25 portions.
When ordering please put in notes whether you would like Pink Vanilla or Blue Raspberry.
Additional supplies are available for $10/25 servings.

Party Concessions

Margarita Slushy Machine

Setup area: 3x3

Margarita Machine comes with supplies for 50 eight ounce drinks.
Comes with one half gallon of margarita concentrate. We can provide additional half gallons of concentrate for $15 each

Popcorn Machine

Setup area: 2x2

Popcorn Machine comes with supplies for 25 portions.
 Additional supplies are $10/25 servings.


Sno Cone Machine

Setup area: 3x2

Sno-Cone Machine comes with supplies for 50 portions. You just need to supply the ice. (5lb bag of ice makes 10 snow cones.)

2 flavors come with rental of the machine. 

Please let us know which flavors you would like in comments when you order. We have Blue Raspberry, Grape or Cherry. You can pick any 2 flavors.

Additional Servings are $15/50 servings

Tables 4ft. Ideal for Concessions
$7.00 Setup area: 4x3

Need a place to put your concessions? Here's the answer. These Rectangular 4' table.

Will hold any 2 concessions.

Adjustable height.